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Our Services


IT Consultancy

We help you solve the most difficult technological problems inherent to your IT solutions through targeted interventions.

We have teams of professional developers who can help you with your IT solutions.

Assessment and optimization interventions on orchestration platforms.

IT training services dedicated to the B2B market.

If your company needs to get IT staff up and running quickly, our courses are the solution.

Our focus is on open technologies, cloud, microservices, Java, Python, blockchain and Machine Learning.

The main reference technologies are Kubernetes, Docker, Kafka, Apache Camel, Spring.

Our main methodologies are Microservices Architectures, Agile Methods for Project Management, Test Driven Development.


IT Training


Software Development

We develop and manage complex IT systems.

Our team is able to define, release, manage and maintain any type of software solution for your company.

We develop any software product based on the customer's requests and needs.

We develop Mobile App with open source programming language and creation of native interfaces for iOS and Android.

We develop products with Machine Learning and Deep Learning systems using Python with SciKit Learn, Keras, PyTorch.

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